Dhananjay Jagannathan
Dhananjay Jagannathan
photo: John Zich
Teaching Experience

In 2016-17 I will be teaching four courses at Dartmouth - ancient philosophy (PHIL 11), virtue ethics (PHIL 50), philosophy of tragedy (PHIL 01), and introduction to moral philosophy (PHIL 08).

I've held a number of teaching positions - as sole instructor of courses on ancient philosophy at the University of Chicago and on Greek literature at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; as a teaching assistant for courses in ancient philosophy and ethics; and as a writing intern for humanities core courses. My teaching was featured in the UChicago Humanities Division Tableau magazine.

Teaching Interests

Within my specialties I have broad teaching interests, including introductory survey courses and upper-level undergraduate or graduate seminars on topics such as Pleasure, Ancient Metaphysics, and Ethical Naturalism. I am also prepared to teach courses on a wide range of other topics such as Practical Reason, The Emotions, Political Friendship, and Philosophical Dimensions of Greek Tragedy. In the near future, I plan to develop courses on medieval philosophy and the history of the Aristotelian tradition.

Teaching Dossier

Please contact me directly for a copy of my teaching dossier, which includes a teaching statement, sample syllabuses, and quantitative and qualitative student evaluations.